Limited Time Offer:
Free UUCP Account

WebIndonesia is currently offering a limited time offer for free UUCP account. This account is accessible through ip or by dialup to a phone number in Surabaya (area code 031).

This promo starts at August 10th, 2002 until an unspecified date. This offer may be withdrawn at anytime. Please study the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

The service recipient must self provide a minimum of:

WebIndonesia will provide free UUCP account and a telephone number to dial. WebIndonesia is currently looking for partner(s) to provide free installation and hopefully maintenance. Potential partner(s) please send an email to louis at angin dot com.

Terms and Conditions:


This project is the work of people at mdgr mailing list, particularly P.Y. Adi Prasaja, I Made Wiryana, and Rahmat Samik Ibrahim.

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